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Gongming prototype factory high quality service is much more expensive

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
2018-10- 27 17: 40

Hello, everyone, there is a customer looking for the Gongming prototype factory on the internet these days, when he saw the profile information of our company. The 3D drawings are provided and sent to the enterprise mailbox after the quotation is completed. The next day, the customer called to ask why our price was higher than that of some of our peers.

The processing equipment we use is a new type of five-axis machine that can process the structure that the three-axis machine cannot make faster and better. And the appearance is very exquisite, which is not available in many small factories. The price is definitely higher. And the average length of service of our manual team leader is more than 5 years, all of which are professionally processed. Each link is confirmed by QC room inspection. These are only parts. You also know that they are cheap and not good. little more expensive. I have seen the prototype factory of Gongming before, some prototypes.

in terms of cost performance, the services we provide are not available in some factories. Because of this, the quality of the prototype will be much better. You can give us this cooperation to make you feel better service and quality prototype than Gongming prototype factory.

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