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Good prototype model provides manufacturers to reduce the loss of mold opening in enterprises

by:Tuowei     2019-09-26
2013-06- 04 22: 37

good prototype model provides manufacturers to reduce the loss of mold opening of enterprises

generally, some enterprises before production, if you need to open the mold, you will definitely do the prototype model first. In this way, you can greatly reduce the loss of opening the mold. I believe that all enterprise producers who need to open a large number of molds are aware of this problem and open a mold. Although it is nothing, if the product design is not perfect enough and not comprehensive enough, all the molds that came out had to be scrapped.

and this is the effect of the prototype, which can greatly help reduce the loss of mold opening, and it will use professional CAD technology to carry out perfect design, the laser is used to complete its general model. If there is any need for improvement, it is also convenient to use it as a mold opening until it is perfect. Like this prototype, the production cost is relatively low, but for some mold manufacturers, it is very important and even essential. After all, if we don't design the product before opening the mold and open the mold directly, the loss must be very large, which is undoubtedly a matter. Therefore, everyone will choose to design and produce a perfect model before opening the mold. If you want to effectively reduce the loss, you will definitely design and produce a perfect model as a standard for mass production.

so this prototype factory plays a vital role. We definitely need more reliable manufacturers to produce. It can also provide professional technology to design and produce the mold opening products we need, which are very important. Therefore, before choosing a manufacturer, it is also necessary to be more cautious, and only in this way can we choose a reliable manufacturer.

enterprise production is definitely hoping that the less losses, the better, so it is also a very important thing to do a good job in the early stage.

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