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Gravity Sketch\'s new app turns your drawings into 3D models

by:Tuowei     2019-09-09
Startup Gravity has launched an app for the iPad that lets users convert drawings into 3D models.
It is reported that the startup, Gravity Sketch, has launched an app for the iPad to allow users to convert drawings into 3D models.
The app includes a digital drawing tool that allows users to design 3D images with their fingers or stylus.
Once created, you can share a 3D model, view a 3D model using augmented reality, or create a 3D model using a 3D printer.
Target of App--
Designed by four Royal Academy of Art graduates-
Is to simplify the process of creating a 3D model for printing.
According to the developers, the design of the app takes into account teachers and students to reduce barriers to 3D reading and writing.
The Gravity Sketch works with shapeway, a 3D printing company, to make it easy to print directly from the app.
It can then be shipped within two days.
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