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Guangdong prototype factory--Time is money

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
2019-02- 22 11: 10

most enterprises will first find a reliable Guangdong prototype factory to make a prototype to verify the feasibility of the product before making a large number of products. However, most enterprises still waste time and money because they don't know the production, equipment and personnel of some prototype factories.

There was one Guangdong member some time ago mr. Huang searched the Guangdong prototype factory on Baidu to find the extension model, the salesman Huang Gong hosted him. After asking, he was doing medical equipment. He needed to find a high-precision enterprise that could do large-scale cooperation. And his time is very fast, I hope that I can finish it as soon as possible, and the quality must pass. Then Huang Gong took him to the processing site to visit. After a short visit, Mr. Huang was very satisfied and immediately signed a contract to keep the agreement confidential.

The Discussion plan between Huang Gong and the engineering department, try to meet the requirements of Guangdong prototype factory with limited time and high standards. After five days, the workers finally finished the project. Huang Gong immediately called Mr. Huang and took photos to Mr. Huang in Guangdong to see the results. Mr. Huang is very satisfied with the speed of the staff. Then Huang Gong packed and delivered it to Mr. Huang by express mail. After seeing the results, Mr. Huang was full of praise. The staff of Tuowei are also very happy.

The prototype industry is to be customer-centered, as long as it is the customer's request within a reasonable time, I believe that people who do business will try their best to meet the customer's needs. The customer's time is the time of the extension model. This is the essence! If you want to cooperate with Guangdong prototype leader, you can consider the extension model!

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