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Guangdong prototype factory-Work hard to keep confidential

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
2019-07- 11 09: 25

In the whole process of prototype production, most customers only care about the quality and delivery time of prototype models, but ignore a key problem, this problem is the secrecy of customer information. If the Guangdong prototype model factory does not do a good job in secrecy, if information or engineering drawings are leaked, it will cause serious damage to customers.

at the level of customer data information secrecy regulations, most of the time, it is all self-restraint by Guangdong prototype factory. Most prototype factories only make verbal promises. Although they sometimes sign confidential agreements, in fact, they will not adopt any measures and actions, and some customers are not particularly serious. But I don't know that such behavior will bring serious hidden dangers to myself. As a professional prototype supplier for 18 years, tuowei model provides professional prototype production services for many enterprises. Why do they choose Tuowei? They are optimistic about the strict production management system here. Whether it is the control of prototype quality or the confidential requirements of customer information, Taowei is striving to ensure that it is better.

at the level of customer information secrecy, software management is only one way. The Guangdong prototype factory will also cooperate with the strict inspection authorization system and its employee management to reduce the risk to less. If you are looking for a prototype model enterprise with strong management system and strong privacy, you can learn about it.

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