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Guangzhou prototype Company-More refined prototype

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
2019-07- 09 11: 47

Guangzhou prototype company came to a customer in the morning to say that it was going to do a few small things, and the customer was close, so he took the opportunity to visit the processing factory of the extension model. After seeing the company's machinery and equipment and elite team, the contract was signed. So tuowei immediately distributed the production and started the program according to the 3D drawings provided by the customer. The customer chose the CNC numerical control processing method to make it.

Guangzhou prototype company according to different requirements of customers, different manufacturing processes are used to make various prototype models, which is the core competitive advantage of the extension model. Regardless of the size of the order, making each prototype model, Tuowei must first design a processing roadmap to improve quality. According to the actual operation of the reliability design processing process roadmap, it is prevented that many parts of the prototype cannot be produced and processed due to the single process technology production and processing, resulting in defects in the prototype quality, it also prevents the waste of cost due to the single application process technology.

The quality of the prototype plate in Guangzhou prototype company's extension model for 18 years attaches great importance to the level, carefully and carefully in the distribution of production and manufacturing, to ensure that the talents make the best use of it, so that your prototype is more refined and the benefits are greater.

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