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Guangzhou prototype factory business is how to deal with foreign trade customers

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
2018-12- 22 14: 53

I often hear a lot of foreign trade business saying, why is it so difficult to clinch a deal? In fact, if you want to deal with foreign trade customers, it is not as difficult as expected. The following business of Guangzhou prototype model factory will talk about the experience of the transaction according to its own experience.

is actually understandable. , why? Because the customer is so far away from the Guangzhou prototype model factory, it is definitely difficult to control this production situation, so as a business, it is necessary to follow up from the beginning of the project to the end of the project, think about the problem from the customer's point of view, then understand the customer, know yourself and know each other!

after completing the project like this, before shipping, because the foreign trade of Guangzhou prototype model factory has a professional process system, before shipment, it is necessary to have a professional QC team to test each project and send a test report to the customer for confirmation before shipment, at that time, I first sent a report to the customer, and then the picture from packaging to packing was reported to the customer in the form of picture text. Of course, I still have a small skill, that is, before each shipment, I will tell him that I will personally supervise and package the customer's project and then take some photos that I am packing and shipping to the customer, so that the customer really feels our heart and enthusiasm!

after completing all the links, the customer said' I didn't expect to see you. I haven't been to your Guangzhou prototype factory, but I have an impulse to visit your company now, I think the extension model is a very powerful and professional big company'! Because the customer has not been to the company, the salesman represents the facade of the whole company. If the facade is not good, it is difficult for a company with strength to attract customers.

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