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Guangzhou prototype factory-There are more than 100 teams

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
2019-05- 14 16: 39

Miss Feng searched through the Internet'Guangzhou prototype' After finding the extension model, she mainly wanted to make an exhibition prototype, so the process requirements and accuracy requirements on the appearance of the prototype should be higher, miss Feng made this prototype is not big but the process used is still a lot.

This prototype was mainly made by CNC machining, after the process of manual initial matching, polishing, fuel injection, electroplating, oxidation, silk screen printing, laser carving, etc. , the prototype is completed, in fact, before Miss Feng also found other prototype manufacturers in Guangzhou, but the effect was not so good, so she found another prototype factory through the network to do it, at that time, the customer was received by the salesman. After a long visit to the sample room and workshop with the customer, Miss Feng was also very satisfied with the extension model. The order was placed, the pre-payment was paid, and a non-disclosure agreement was signed. The staff also worked overtime and finally finished it in three days. After three days of production, Miss Feng received a prototype that satisfied her and attracted many customers at the exhibition.

as a prototype manufacturer in Guangzhou with 17 years of processing experience, more than one hundred people have a team, there are 5 years of prototype crafting. Professional direction of technical director of the United States. In this way, powerful manufacturers can ensure the quality and delivery of prototypes. If necessary, you can contact the online customer service on the right side!

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