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Guangzhou prototype-High color similarity

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
2019-07- 06 11: 54

Miss Xu is the purchase of a technology company in Guangzhou, mainly to do some technology products! However, a long-time supplier has gone more than half of the internal technical personnel, resulting in the prototype no longer meeting the requirements of Miss Xu company! So Miss Xu is going to find a prototype factory in Guangzhou again!

Miss Xu's request is also very simple, that is, there are high requirements in color, and the accuracy can be according to the routine! So Miss Xu searched the Internet. 'Guangzhou prototype' Several companies have been found, including the extension model! Miss Xu changed to see the factory after chatting with other manufacturers. However, Miss Xu is still not satisfied with their processing, but with their color.

Miss Xu has high requirements for color, then a few days later came to the extension model. Chen Gong, the salesman of Guangzhou prototype factory, received the miss very warmly! After that, I took Miss Xu to see the factory, mainly to show Miss Xu the color number. Later, Miss Xu took out the pan Tong color number they provided to see if she could meet her requirements, because the color number similarity of the previous manufacturers is not even 80%! The extension model has a dedicated fuel injection team! Therefore, the salesman took out the color sample and was identified by Miss Xu with a similarity of more than 96%, so Miss Xu placed an order and became a long-term partner!

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