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Guanlan prototype factory-The choice of thousands of customers

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
2019-06- 11 11: 46

Where is the high-precision prototype customization going? Thousands of customers have chosen a more powerful Guanlan prototype factory in the prototype industry--Extension model. It's not just talking, but actually doing things. It's quality on the table!

why the extension model will become a prototype model for so many customers is the consistent choice? It is not difficult to understand this point. It is clear to visit Guanlan prototype factory on the spot. In addition to having a more powerful prototype processing equipment, there is also a warm service attitude.

extension dimension model, it has five-axis machining and us cto to guide fuel injection technology, with 7 s standardized management system as an aid. Compared with other Guanlan prototype factories, the processing accuracy of the extension model can reach 0. More than 05mm, at the same time, the appearance treatment effect should exceed that of the peers, and the quality problems should be controlled in time to verify new products for customers or escort exhibitors!

The extension model is not only hard and solid, but also good in soft power, many customers who make prototypes here will be subject to the production progress feedback form, so that work can be arranged more reasonably. If you have the relevant prototype production needs, you may wish to contact the customer service staff of Guanlan prototype factory on the right side of the page, or call 18118780783!

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