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Guanlan prototype factory-Tight packing

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
2019-06- 12 15: 20

enterprises that generally do product research and development will know the industry of prototype models, and will spend a lot of time looking for regular manufacturers in the early stage. Just like a Mr. Wang in Guanlan, he is looking for a prototype factory of Guanlan for a long time.

Mr. Wang is a buyer supervisor in the automotive industry. He saw the information of many Guanlan prototype factories on Baidu, Alibaba and various purchasing platforms. Record what you see. After the product is developed, it will start to contact one by one. Then I went to see the factory one by one, but I was not satisfied until I contacted the tuowei model company. After leaving the basic information needed, tuowei's customer service gave the customer information to the salesman Li Gong.

Li Gong, the salesman of Guanlan prototype factory, contacted the customer, after understanding the basic information, Mr. Wang was invited to visit the tuowei model on the spot. Mr. Wang is very satisfied with Li Gong's kind invitation. After all, the previous ones are all their own requests. few days later, Mr. Wang came to the tuowei model factory to see the factory. It was naturally a hospitality for Mr. Wang's arrival. Led Mr. Wang to go to the sample room to see the sample and then went to the workshop to discuss the production requirements and process of the prototype. After reading it, Mr. Wang was very satisfied with the extension model and made a list.

after a five-day production, send it to the three-dimensional room for free qualified testing, and then pack it carefully and send it to the customer. After receiving the customer, he was very surprised and satisfied with the careful set of Dragon service of the extension model! For the trust of customers, the extension model has always been very hard to let customers down!

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