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How do You Find Someone to Build A Rapid Prototype?

How do You Find Someone to Build A Rapid Prototype?


Tuowei-How Do You Find Someone To Build A Rapid Prototype, Shenzhen Tuowei Model

Having obtained your name and address from some good design websites, we are writing to you with a view to establishing trading relations on prototype with you!

 Following is our service scopes:

CNC rapid prototyping (material include plastics, metal and some wood)

3D printing, including of SLA, SLS and SLM

Silicone mold Vacuum Casting

Sheet metal processing, like stamping and bending

Reaction Injection Molding

CNC soft foam machining

fixture machining

Mass production(injection molding or die casting)

Surface treatments

Assuming you are looking for a prototype of a physical manufactured product, working with a solid product prototype development company is a good place to start. It is really important to remember that a prototype is just one of many development tools that product design companies during the product development process. Prototypes serve to validate or invalidate features, design decisions, and even user assumptions. Successful products will go through many, many prototype cycles prior to the investment in production tooling. At Tuowei prototype we typically see 5 cycles at a minimum, with up to twenty on some types of products. Why? You are going to invest hundreds of thousands of $, if not millions, to get your product manufactured and your business scaled. Not investing in the product itself to make sure it’s right before launch would be silly.

Hope this helps!

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