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How many rapid prototyping machines in Tuowei?

How many rapid prototyping machines in Tuowei?


Rapid prototyping machines are playing an important role during the prototypes manufacturing process. There are a lot of kinds of machines, 3D printing machines, CNC milling machines, and so on.

CNC Milling Machine

The CNC milling machine is one of milling machine tools used to carry out CNC machining work on flat surfaces or to make a hole. This milling machine is computer controlled and has a structure that allows it to carry out different jobs with different types of materials. The increasingly widespread use of CNC milling machines has led to an increase in the number of milling operations carried out with this type of machine.

3D Printing Machines 

3D printing machines are additive manufacturing machines that specialize in making custom parts with accuracy. 3D printing machines add material, layer-by-layer, to form a 3D object. Virtually any geometry can be 3D printed, including some that cannot be made with other traditional processes.

In the rapid prototyping industry, Tuowei focuses on R&D, design, and rapid prototypes production, including printing/vacuum casting /CNC customized processing, and we currently have more than 55 rapid prototyping machines: roughly 35 CNC milling machine, 10+ presses machines and 10 3D printers. With our long history of growth, this number will be always changing.

Tuowei serves a variety of industries including medical device, automotive, lighting, aerospace, technology, consumer product, and electronics.We can accept native SolidWorks (.sldprt) or ProE (.prt) files as well as solid 3D CAD models from other CAD systems output in IGES (.igs), STEP (.stp), ACIS (.sat) or Parasolid (.x_t or .x_b) format. We can also accept .stl files for 3D printing quotes only. Two-dimensional (2D) drawings are not accepted. Our quoting process is unprecedented in the CNC machining industry. We have developed proprietary quoting software that runs on a large-scale compute cluster and generates the CNC tool paths required to machine your part. The result is a fast, convenient, and easy way to get quotes and order machined parts. Please see the sample we did it before for your reference:

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We mill and turn low quantities of parts very quickly. Typical quantities are one to 200 pieces and manufacturing times are 1 to 3 business days. We offer product developers parts machined from engineering-grade materials that are suitable for functional testing or end-use applications.

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