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How to CNC Machine POM

How to CNC Machine POM


OM, also known as polyoxymethylene or acetal, is a popular engineering plastic used in a wide range of applications. CNC machining is a common method used to produce precision parts from POM. In this article, we will explore the steps involved in CNC machining POM.

CNC machining POM

Step 1: Design the part

The first step in CNC machining POM is to design the part using CAD software. The design should include all the necessary dimensions and features required for the part to function properly.

Step 2: Choose the right tooling

Selecting the right tooling is crucial in CNC machining POM. Carbide or diamond-coated tools are recommended for POM due to their high hardness and wear resistance.

Step 3: Set up the CNC machine

Once the design is complete and the tooling is selected, the next step is to set up the CNC machine. This includes installing the tooling, setting the cutting parameters, and configuring the machine to accurately follow the design.

Step 4: Begin machining

With the CNC machine set up, it is now time to begin machining the POM part. The machine will follow the design and remove material from the block of POM until the desired shape and dimensions are achieved.

Step 5: Post-machining operations

After the machining is complete, there may be additional post-machining operations required such as deburring, polishing, or cleaning. These operations should be performed carefully to avoid damaging the precision-machined POM part.


CNC machining POM is a precise and efficient method for producing high-quality parts. By following these steps, you can successfully machine POM to meet your specific needs and requirements.

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