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iâx80x99ve got your missing links right here (3 november 2012)

by:Tuowei     2019-08-19
The top pickups read all the light from all the stars.
Amazing work by Megan Garber.
Other: â x80 x9c blazars â x80 waste is a something.
How global warming helped Sandy transform from a hurricane to a storm in Frankfurt by Chris mimes.
Sandy Rosen: Will Sandy change the way we talk about climate change?
What happens when you leave a box of tablets in an illiterate village without instructions? This.
If you can\'t beat them, subvert them: the wrong message on the anti-virus network.
Excellent Alexis Madrigal article on cracking down on error messages on the Web.
Alex Wilder\'s 13 terrible ways of insect death.
Happy Halloween
For those who want to know why the Italian courts have such a bad scientific record, Nature News has a self-analysis
Repairing concrete characteristic bacteria, activated by a water virtual autopsy, is an important development, an increasingly common practice of scanning windows into animals.
Breast screening for cancer research: judgment.
It can save lives, but it can do harm. What next?
A good summary of * large scale * complex issues by Henry Scowcroft.
This is my ex-boyfriend.
The boss is talking about the pros and cons.
According to NEJM op/ed, cancer screening activities need to be persuaded without information.
The ultimate self of curious journeyPortrait. So wonderful.
Luke Jostins published a new paper on genetic variation related to irritable bowel syndrome, however, in terms of the clinical value of genetic prediction, A popular theory about autism may actually be due to the head moving around the scanner.
Terrible description of severe contact with the anti-malarial drug Lariam that leads to hallucination and mental illness.
Here are a few things that can boost your heart: David Attenberg\'s profile is the best article to date to analyze the Jonah leehler incident and what this means for scientific writing.
Recommend to anyone who wants to be a writer.
Carl Zimmer has a huge response to the \"old man\" of scientific writing.
The fastest competition in the world has attracted audiences and scientists.
I love the last campaign to support Romney and he wants you to know why. Also parkour.
The transformer is not a giant robot.
But they sometimes explode. Maggie Koerth-
Baker explained how they worked and why they did it.
We can now sequence the genome of a single cell, which has changed a lot.
Brian Owens talks about the single life of genomics.
New York University has lost years of scientific research and thousands of mice in Hurricane Sandy.
Ignore the line of no loss of life;
The story is tragic.
Dan Engber gave the best analysis of the event and the significance of other laboratories.
Ultimate Writing Challenge: explain science to children.
Read Matt Shipman\'s work. Well worth it.
David Funder discusses retaliation for scientists who run contradictory replication attempts.
An important work of a person in an important position.
What do autistic people want from scientific research? Guess what?
Treatment isn â x80 x99 t list on.
Wonderful work by Emily Willingham;
The reporter noticed.
Science/News/writing new dino named after Solon.
Also, the skull in the image is hilariousimorted fungus, which brings ash die\'s back-nerve skeptic, asking why a leading psychologist deleted some controversial posts and whether the blog
How do we solve the problem of scientific fraud?
The Neurocritic reports an article about the Democratic Party v.
Republican Brian David Bilo explains why Sandy is worse.
The New York Aquarium was closed indefinitely due to Sandy\'s flood;
The birds on each tree may be distributed in this country.
Last week, a talking whale took a beautiful diagonal picture.
Now, an elephant who only says \"hello\" in Korean.
Next, a rapper\'s media has played a big role in intensifying the effects of stem cells cheating on life on Earth, and will be the extreme microbes that die within 2 years. 8 billion years.
Habitability has expired dateCool 4D math shapes from 3D printers.
The fourth dimension is chaos.
Fishermen find Halloween lobsters dressed up as two
Half perfect-faceand-
Half-color red head pigment enhances skin-
Even without UV rays, the pigment itself has the potential to increase the risk of cancer.
Some people are already very easy to personalise the animals, but with Ratvatar, is it easier for us to collaborate or compete?
Ask an ungovernment Russian prince.
Even the super storm is not an excuse for journalists not to check Twitter trollingwhere is the world\'s largest wetland?
Tip: The Story of ice-covered ferns is named after Lady Gaga and turns out to be pretty sweet
Known as the language center has two different networks with different functions & only one network sent me a beautiful flying fish Email: as a direct result of your recent news report, we have built a Copy website in our own field.
The new bugging conversation about the L\'Aquila earthquake has added to the controversial hurricane, which can enter geological records.
About incidental damage to the ancient earthquake: What is the impact of revocation on scientific funding?
Until October, our hurricane name was almost gone. How big was Sandy?
See what the Wall Street Journal thinks
Comparison of blown satellite photos with split screen slider: the British Antarctic Survey was saved as a merger plan, deleted but great post from Mark Changzi.
Evolution is not obvious!
Evolution is perhaps the craziest Real theory ever!
Tolento\'s glass skyscraper kills 1-
Nine birds a year.
Bird lovers are taking the building to courtAmy Shira Teitel to respond to NASA at NASA baumgartnerbashing antics.
Targeted anti-cancer drugs did not meet expectations. What now?
Vaughan Bell
Mother who checked the telegram-
Ignore the brain story of expecting floods?
Sir David Attenborough selected 10 animals and he will be explaining online that he plays his arkHeh/wow/huhThe in the freelance bingo game! HAHAHAHAHA. Haha. A-heh. He. Mm.
GIF of the solar system. Oooooo!
The 3rd TED speech was so good.
According to the editorial, Barack Obama is the president of the United States. He said Obama is the president of the United States.
Thanks for editing!
Fan of the bad movie I gave you: we have fallen.
Yoda without Green
There is a small crab nearby.
Upironyananimal Halloween cartoon made by Robert cruerwich.
These are lovely.
Onion: the country suddenly realizes that this is going to be something that happens from now oncheck ever.
Oh, you sit in the front row and shoot and drink!
Why didn\'t anyone tell me about disco polar bears?
The 2012 winner of the Nikon mini-world photography competition is gorgeousHa!
There is a paper on arXiv that explains the Call of Cthulhu with general relative thinking
Father and daughter CostumeHA, alien power loader!
What happens if we finally clone a dinosaur?
Social/Internet/news magazine will become the most indebted person in the world like sisyphus and owe $6.
A TV reporter will not encounter this situation, and the TV reporter said that the TV reporter will not let this situation prevent him from tweeting responsibly in an emergency.
In general, good guidelines are faced with a comical attack from idiot scholars who do not understand the statistics.
Mark Coddington rightly believes that the cycle of news objectivity when it faces Scientific Objectivity [fry]
Made an interesting bet with Silver, resulting in po-
Facing the comments of the New York Times.
The story of a meeting about the dark narrative art.
Maryn Mckenna has compiled a list of women on Twitter that deserve your attention. This is the first book ever ordered through Amazon\'s open notebook, providing some valuable tips on getting ready in advance the big upgrade of Science blog looks great & solves the big problem that science blog is hard to search for a new ebook kid from Deborah Blum about Angel killer-
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