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If 3D printers sound too expensive... try a 3D pen

by:Tuowei     2019-09-10
If you \'ve been watching the rise of 3D printing with envy because you can\'t open the case on a 3D printer, then a little bit
Well-known companies in the United States may just make you full.
Click here to view photos of 3 Doodler in action wobbleworks LLC, which they think is the first device to really afford to print 3D objects --
3D print pen.
3D printers at the same time as retail
The 3 Doodler costs $50 for £ 1,000 (
About 32)
For those lucky enough to support the product on the Kickstarter fundraising page.
They have good through the website
Due to a lot of interest around the product, they exceeded their target of $30,000.
3 Doodler works by using power-
Power heater for melting ABS plastic (the same non-
Toxic plastic used in 3D printers)inside the pen.
When you draw, the plastic is cooled by the fan so that it can solidify almost immediately so that the pen holder can draw 3D objects in the air.
The company has also made templates so that people can create 3D objects by drawing flat shapes and merging them together.
One of the first templates released was the Eiffel Tower template.
WobbleWorks LLC expects them to start shipping later this year.
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