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If we don't learn, we will go out!

by:Tuowei     2019-09-17
2016-06- 16 11: 52

The struggle of the Internet is so cruel that there is no unchanging rule. The rapidly changing world, whether you are the boss or the old or the small, without innovation, change, and learn from your competitors, you will eventually be eliminated by The Times. Take Baidu bidding as an example. Since June 2016, the rules of Baidu Bidding have changed dramatically. The previous 10 promotion positions have become 4, therefore, the promotion of Baidu Bidding is much more difficult than before. In response to the great change of Baidu Bidding, Shenzhen niuchamber of Commerce decided to promote Baidu Business School and select elites who are good at Baidu Bidding to explain how to do Baidu Bidding in the future, yu Liang is the elite of the elite, and the task of sharing for the first time naturally falls on him.

The location of this sharing is in the extension dimension model, and the theme of the sharing is'Analysis of Baidu bidding data' It mainly talks about how to set up a tracking conversion code on the landing page of the bidding. Through that code, we can find out all the keywords that come in through the hundred-degree bidding. Although Baidu's bidding background can also be seen, the time period and words that cannot be seen are consulted. Using this method, these problems will be solved. In addition to that, he talked about how to find out the words that are of low quality and lower their bids. In short, this class is full of receiving goods.

Yu Liang shares

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