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Importance of fuel injection for prototype model

by:Tuowei     2019-09-15
2017-09- 09 16: 38

in our life, we can see that many prototype models have the effect of fuel injection, which not only makes the product beautiful, it can also better protect products. Usually, the prototype processed by CNC can be comparable to the product prototype after injection, which shows the importance of injection.

all need to be polished before prototype fuel injection, when polishing, consider the smoothness of the prototype, whether the angle is in place, and the traces of bonding cannot be obviously exposed. We need to spray ash before polishing to be able to color. Coloring generally requires a pantone number, that is, the usual Pan Tong number, which is common in the world, this has a qualitative standard for the color regulations. In general, if it is a professional prototype factory, it is necessary to have such a Pan Tong color card comparison table, so that customers have relevant fuel injection requirements and only need to provide the corresponding Pan Tong color number.

However, it is difficult for some prototype factories to color, such as POM (Commonly known as Saigang) PP material, it can't be done. After coloring, it is not very firm and will fall off as soon as it is rubbed. So basically, the prototype of the new material or PP material is not colored. After CNC processing, it only needs to be polished.

if it is a appearance prototype, the appearance requirements for the product are relatively high. However, because the material used during processing will only have one color, if you need a colorful effect, you must use a late injection to achieve it.

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