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In order to enhance the authenticity of the 3d printing prototype, what kind of prototype factory should be selected

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2018-02- 24 17: 31

whether it is a building prototype model or a product prototype model, their authenticity is an extremely important factor in 3d printing. The more real the prototype can attract the attention of customers at the exhibition, thus playing the role of promoting new products. So when making a 3d printing prototype, how can we improve its authenticity?

to improve the authenticity of the 3d printing prototype, need to have higher requirements for the materials used and the prototype factory processed. When making a 3d printing prototype, the extension model selects better materials and uses 3d printers imported from Israel for processing. The processing accuracy can reach 0. 1mm, you can also print according to various proportions, so it is particularly critical to the choice of production enterprises.

Secondly, the extension model also hired CTO from the United States as the technical director, the introduction of foreign advanced fuel injection technology is better than the peers in prototype coloring. The 3d printing prototype color is more realistic and the authenticity is stronger, so it can get good results at the exhibition.

so when making a 3d printing prototype, we must have a more comprehensive understanding of this, and we must not blindly choose the prototype factory. When we do 3d printing prototypes, we choose good processing equipment and use the US fuel injection technology, be able to make the prototype more real.

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