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in`tech industries inc. expands 3d printing expertise with acquisition of vista technologies llc (vistatek) additive manufacturing division

by:Tuowei     2019-08-14
In the technology industry
Through the acquisition of Vista Technologies LLC (VistaTek)
Acquisition of Objet PolyJet®Model of melting deposition of printing and Stratasys (FDM®)
The ability of technicians to quickly prototype (RP)
Additive Manufacturing (AM)
Center precision stereo forming®Service providers of technology industry companies
®Announced today that the company is expanding its 3D printing and additive manufacturing capabilities through the acquisition of Vista Technologies LLC®(VistaTek®)
Manufacturing Business UnitSt. Paul, MN-
VistaTek will transfer Department personnel and additive manufacturing equipment to Ramsey, Minnesota.
\"This acquisition is an exciting time for our company as we look forward to the continued growth of the rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing market,\" said Roger Nielsen, vice president of sales and marketing.
\"With a high level of focus on quality, speed and customer service, we have had great success in manufacturing and we are pleased to welcome VistaTek\'s staff and customers to our evolving organization.
\"VistaTek is currently the largest Objet in the world-
Service Bureaus centered around the world.
Intech will move VistaTek\'s additive manufacturing department to 64,000 square feet. ft.
Six VistaTek 3D printing specialists will join the facilities of the in \'tech team.
Five Objet 3D printers and a Stratasys 3D production system will be transferred to the current ownership (14)
3D system production printer.
The move makes intech one of the largest independent companies.
We have additive manufacturing centers in North America.
\"Since opening the rapid prototyping center in 2001, we have been responding to the growth in demand for rapid prototyping.
High use of rotating prototype parts and products
\"Skilled people and the most innovative technology and materials in the industry,\" said Randy Stevens, technical operations manager . \".
\"We are pleased to expand our portfolio of 3D printing and additive manufacturing capabilities to better meet the product development and rapid manufacturing needs of our customers.
\"This acquisition will enhance the rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing capabilities of \'tech and provide a wider range of additive materials and process options for industrial designers and Manufacturing Engineers.
Digital materials for Objet™Provides an unprecedented range of 100 materials with different mechanical and physical properties and provides a limited difference®Considered a production terminal
Use parts with engineering
Grade thermoplastic plastic from ABS to ULTEM®.
\"We believe that \'tech will meet and exceed the quality and service levels that our fast prototyping customers understand and expect,\" said Dan Mishek, general manager of VistaTek . \".
\"In \'Tech is an impressive company that has won a good reputation In our industry with continuous delivery of precision plastic prototypes and production parts, we are very happy to put our friends and customers in the hands of people who are very capable of technology.
\"VistaTek has built its position in the market with a focus on fast prototyping business.
Intech\'s acquisition of VistaTek\'s additive manufacturing department will enable VistaTek to cope with the growth of its mold manufacturing and injection molding sectors-which have quadrupled in size over the past two years.
VistaTek will continue by co-
Owners and siblings Allen Mishek, Dan Mishek and Jennifer Sutherland will be working to increase the custom injection molding machines meeting and to capture the fast Mold market share in many industries and regions in the US and Canada.
Information technology about technology rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing centers RP and AM centers have three 3D systems iPro™9000 SLA®Production Printers for five 3D systems of IPro™8000 SLA®Production Printer, six 3D Systems, VIP™S2 SLA®A system of Objet connecx500™Two Objet connecx3d printers™An Objet Eden500 3D printer™3D printer, an Objet Eden333™3D printer and a Stratasys Titan™3D production systemThe 8,000 sq. ft.
Climate Control Lab by on-
Field service technicians who maintain all equipment to optimize performance requirements for precision output and part accuracy.
In the technology industry
Established in 1967. Its 64,000 sq.
The Ft plant has four centers: tooling, engineering, injection molding and rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing with 110 employees.
For more information, please visit: www. intechrp.
Com and www. intech-ind. com.
About Vista Technology Co. , Ltd. ®(VistaTek®)
Established in 1996, Vista Technologies LLC is a rapid prototyping service (VistaTek)
Evolved into a complete
Professional Service manufacturing company engaged in mold manufacturing and injection molding.
The company\'s fast tools Department provides complex, fast
Transfer prototype tooling, bridge tooling and production tooling.
Its injection molding department provides low
Mass production, high quality
Mass production, light assembly, comprehensive inspection and secondary operation of plastic parts.
VistaTek is a component manufacturer certified by ISO 9001: 2008 and UL Advantage program.
For more information, please visit: www. vistatek. com.
Technology industry company
Media Contact: Nadra Angerman, 206-334-2644intech. pr@angerman.
Commortechnology Contact: Randy Stevens, 763-576-8100randy. stevens@intech-ind.
Technical Contact: Dan Mishek, 651-653-
0400 danny @ vistatek
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