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Industrial prototype factory-Reasonable charges

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
2019-05- 05 15: 06

extension model has 18 years of processing experience as an industrial prototype factory and has already accumulated many repeat customers. Why do these customers become repeat customers of the extension model. Will not deliberately raise the price of the prototype, do not charge additional fees under various seemingly reasonable excuses, and do not find excuses for mistakes in the production process.

while the extension model is the same as the production prototype of other industrial prototypes, why can you keep so many repeat customers? The reason is simple. First, when other manufacturers were still stagnant because of the market crisis and refused to introduce some new technologies because of a little money, tuowei model chose to set up a dust-free workshop and shipped the prototype to the customer from the dust-free workshop, there is no dust or trace on the surface. Second, the processing equipment is complete.

The extension model has 55 cnc equipment, the accuracy of several five-axis machines is 0. About 05mm. The third is the post-processing process. The post-processing is generally polished, polished, laser carving, water crossing, electroplating, fuel injection, wire drawing and so on. The number of process steps required also determines the price. The post-processing staff occupy more than half of them, and especially polishing and polishing is very important, because the fuel injection will be more uniform. The uniform injection will also give customers a very comfortable visual effect experience, and the extension model has a technical director hired from a foreign country, in terms of fuel injection, he will teach how to inject fuel to achieve the desired effect of the customer.

is the responsibility of being an industrial prototype factory, prototype factory in charge has never lacked customers. Because of good quality things, customers will always see and realize. The extension model will always move forward! It's a great decision to choose the extension model!

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