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Industrial Significance of rapid prototyping technology

by:Tuowei     2019-09-26
2014-07- 25 15: 32

rapid prototyping technology is also called Rapid Prototyping ( Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing, RPM for short) Technology, born in the 1980s S, is a high-tech manufacturing technology based on material accumulation method, and is considered to be a major achievement in the manufacturing field in the past 20 years. It integrates mechanical engineering, CAD, reverse engineering technology, layered manufacturing technology, numerical control technology, material science, and laser technology, design ideas can be automatically, directly, quickly and accurately transformed into prototypes with certain functions or directly manufactured parts, thus, it provides an efficient and low-cost implementation method for parts prototype making and new design idea checking. That is, rapid prototyping technology is to use 3D CAD data to accumulate layers of materials into solid prototypes through rapid prototyping machines.

recently, with the application and popularization of rapid prototyping technology, more and more enterprises feel the benefits of this technology in the process of product development and design. However, with the popularization of this technology and the expansion of the application field, many enterprises have made small batch production and mold manufacturing (Prototype already) The demand is becoming more and more urgent. The vacuum pouring molding machine can directly make small batch parts with engineering plastics or make simple molds. Rapid prototyping mold manufacturing is widely used and developed very rapidly, especially in the stage of new product development, as well as in some occasions where surface shape is obtained through complex type, its effect is remarkable. There are nearly a hundred rapid prototyping machines in China, five national CNC machining centers, and productivity promotion centers in all provinces are also stepping up rapid prototyping technology and rapid prototyping technology, there are also a number of enterprises with rapid prototyping equipment that also provide rapid prototyping and rapid mold services to the outside world, so the demand for this equipment is also very large. It can be seen that the vacuum injection machine can be used in the research and development stage of new products. The use of vacuum injection machine for product trial production or small batch parts can shorten the research and development cycle of new products, improve the competitive power of enterprises, and help enterprises occupy the market as soon as possible, broad social benefits will be achieved.

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