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Insects, lizard tongue inspire robots of the future

by:Tuowei     2019-09-11
Festo is a private company specializing in industrial control and automation, headquartered in eslingen am Neckar in southern Germany, with a history of making naturally inspired robots.
Earlier models of robots were shaped like fish, birds and even kangaroos.
However, the company\'s latest work draws inspiration from the insect world and uses 3D printing to drive envelopes.
The BionicANTs of Festo were constructed using a 3D printing form called selective laser sintering (SLS.
Molded circuits are installed on the outside of their bodies and they use piezoelectric-
Instead of the traditional servo system.
In addition to the ability to move six legs independently, ants also have a pair of pliers that can work.
The antenna is actually the charging point of the slaughterhouse, providing about 40 minutes of activity per charge.
According to the company, \"emotional Butterfly\" is an experiment that allows small robots to fly in small spaces.
Two micro servo motors drive wings made of carbon fiber rods mounted on the laserSintering body.
Only 32 grams (1.
12 ounces), coordinated by GPS and infrared cameras, can fly for three to four minutes so they don\'t collide.
The chameleon\'s tongue provides inspiration for flexshapegripper, a robotic arm with amazing precision grip.
The holder has a silicone cover that adapts to the shape of the target and can pick, hold and release multiple objects accurately and easily.
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