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integrated 3d-printed reactionware for chemical synthesis and analysis

by:Tuowei     2019-08-25
Three-dimensional (3D)
Printing has the potential to be customized by creating low
Cost equipment previously required for special facilities manufacturing.
An attractive, but unexplored application is the use of a 3D printer to initiate a chemical reaction by printing the reagent directly to the 3D Reactor Matrix, thus designing the reactor, construction and operation under digital control.
Use low here
3D printer and open-
We have produced organic and inorganic synthesis reactors, which include printing-
In the catalyst and other structures with printing
Used in the components of electrochemistry and spectral analysis.
This enables reactions to be monitored on site so that different reaction software architectures can filter their effectiveness for a given process through a digital feedback mechanism for device optimization.
In addition, reaction results can be changed only by modifying the reaction software architecture.
Combined, this approach constitutes a relatively inexpensive, automated and refactored chemical discovery platform that allows typical synthetic laboratories to use technologies in chemical engineering.
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