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Intelligent Toilet cover prototype model which is good

by:Tuowei     2019-09-12
2017-09- 05 18: 26

In the past two years, the sales of smart toilet covers of foreign brands and domestic brands have increased rapidly in the Chinese market. However, at present, there is still a gap between Chinese intelligent toilet enterprises and some foreign advanced enterprises in technology. However, with the entry of large enterprises, the research and development of intelligent toilet covers has gradually increased. In the process of research and development, prototypes need to be used to try and make mistakes so as to improve them.

This is an intelligent toilet cover prototype that we have done, which is a more complex prototype, and the main part is that the material is ABS, those soft glue buttons are made by vacuum re-molding. Here are some details for you:

The framework of the subject is through CNC machining, its process mainly includes the following:

CNC computer gong: the tool above the CNC equipment, according to the path set by the program, move on the material and remove the excess part of the material to get the prototype model.

manual processing: sample and polish the samples made in the above three ways and assemble them. This program is to make all parts components into a finished product.

Fuel injection: spray color on the prototype samples that have been made according to the customer's requirements.

silk screen printing: print words or patterns on the plane of the already prepared prototype sample.

The soft glue key is remolded of, it is mainly to make a prototype by CNC machining or 3d printing, then make a silicone mold through the prototype, and then copy it in batches through the silicone mold.

after having the prototype of the intelligent toilet cover, the prototype can be used to find out the shortcomings and improve them, which can greatly speed up the time of new products.

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