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International prototype model industry's six new requirements for prototype model manufacturers

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
2017-09- 05 16: 49

The new six requirements of the international prototype model industry for prototype model manufacturers with the improvement of product technical requirements, higher requirements are put forward for prototype model production enterprises: 1. The Assembly relationship of prototype model is complex and the accuracy is higher; 2. Subsequent processing such as spraying and gold loading requires high surface quality of the prototype model; 3. Time is tight, and many enterprises get product prototype models immediately without cost expectations. 4. According to the requirements of CNC machining and automatic programming, the CAD model is scientifically processed, which not only maintains and designs the original meaning-To meet the processing requirements; 5. Scientifically, reasonably and efficiently plan the tool path, optimize the process parameters, shorten the tool path length and improve the machining efficiency of the numerical control program under the given machining accuracy requirements; 6. Using the theory of high-speed machining in the ordinary numerical control machine, through the optimization of the numerical control program, the actual running speed of the numerical control machining program is improved, and the experimental comparison is verified, to improve the processing speed and accuracy of complex surfaces; 7. Starting from the principle of plastic cutting process, combined with the requirements of prototype model assembly and surface post-processing, the CNC machining accuracy and allowance are reasonably selected to achieve the efficiency and efficiency. From: Shenzhen prototype model http://www . Sztuowei. Com/

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