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intricate, beautiful sugar cubes could be the key to getting 3d printers into the kitchen

by:Tuowei     2019-08-31
The 3D printer has been unveiled as the latest must-have product.
With the tools of a modern kitchen, it is possible to produce gorgeous candy from printed sugar and liquid chocolate.
At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, delegates were invited to taste food made by printing machines, which will start at £ 3,000. Multi-
Color candy with complex geometric patterns is crafted from sugar layers containing vanilla, mint, sour apples, watermelon and cherry flavors.
Spray water on sugar using a spray print head and harden the crystal to form a layer of candy-by-layer.
This is an important moment for us 3D Systems.
As early as 1986, the company\'s founder, Chuck Hall, obtained the first patent for the stereo printing additive manufacturing process, which forms the foundation of the 3D printing industry.
Company\'s Chefjet \"food-
The \"safe\" model represents a new frontier.
Liz von Hasseln said: \"Food is an incredible platform for creativity, experiment and celebration, and we are happy to put these powerful 3D printers in the kitchen of the Baker and the chef, creative director of 3D System food.
\"We invite leading pastry chefs, restaurant owners and event planners to join us in bringing 3D printing into the kitchen.
\"MS von hasselen and her partner Kyle set up the Los Angeles kick-off sugar lab, which was acquired by 3D Systems at the end of last year.
When the undergraduate couple tried to make a birthday cake for a friend with a 3D printer and spell her name on it, the company started.
They set up a \"custom design company for 3D printing sugar \".
The process is very simple, says von Hassel.
\"It\'s basically just adding water to sugar,\" he said at the Ted X Manhattan Beach conference . \".
\"If you \'ve ever had a sugar cream and put the bowl in the sink overnight, you know it\'s impossible for the bowl to scrape out the next morning.
This is because when you add water to the sugar, the sugar will solidify.
We just add water in a very precise way.
Ms. von Hasain said that these sweet designs are based on models that are layered using professional computer software.
3D printers build candy layer by layer at a time.
Each layer of several thousand layers will consist of separate sugar and precise water spray.
The Chefjet food printer, which will be available in the second half of this year, includes a more advanced Chefjet Pro model that can print multiple
Color food will be retail for around 6,000.
In order to encourage more people to engage in 3D sweet production, 3D Systems has produced a digital recipe application that simplifies the production process for users.
The world of 3D food is expanding rapidly. Exeter-
Choc Creator V1, based at Choc Edge, claims to be \"the first chocolate printer in the world\" and can make exquisite 2D and 3D designs with melted chocolate.
It costs 2,888.
A company in Barcelona called \"Natural Machine\" has built the Foodini system, which is made of 3D pasta and pizza from layers of liquefied raw materials.
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