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Introduction of new products to Changwei model Shunde branch to improve production efficiency

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2018-06- 27 17: 22

equipment is a basic symbol of enterprise scale and modernization level. For the prototype industry, equipment is not only a guarantee of quality, the guarantee of delivery is also essential. In the past few years, the extension model has been very fast and has accumulated rich customer resources in Foshan. Therefore, it has opened a branch in Shunde and introduced a number of CNC machining centers.

It can be seen in Shunde Tuwei model factory that rows of machines keep jumping up and down, the workers were busy in an orderly manner in their respective jobs, and a new equipment was constantly hoisted, installed and debugged. According to the person in charge of the enterprise, Shunde branch began construction last year and officially moved into production equipment today.

with the increasing competition in the market, change has become a new normal. Many enterprises are trying to explore their own new directions. In order to seek more and more development, the extension model constantly seeks new opportunities for development and introduces new equipment, adhere to the high starting point, high investment, high quality technology development strategy, and further enhance the modernization of technical equipment.

new equipment was introduced into Shunde branch of Tuwei model, effectively solve the shortage of productivity caused by a large number of orders. The introduction of new equipment has greatly improved the production capacity and production efficiency. The company delivers goods in time and provides after-sales service in time.

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