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Is the prototype the same as the hand version?

by:Tuowei     2019-09-19
2017-11- 13 10: 37

The noun of the prototype came from the beginning of the 1990s S, brought from Taiwan, Treasure Island to the mainland of the motherland. Since the industry was relatively backward at the beginning, more than 90% of its processes need to be completed by hand. At that time, the prototype can only reflect the shape of the product, and the colorful process is difficult to express. At the beginning, the prototype was called'First Board' , That is, the meaning of the first model of the product, is a model made under the premise of developing the product without a mold.

since the prototype is pronounced exactly the same as the first board and is mainly used in the field of industrial design, therefore, in the field of industrial design, the meaning and usage of the prototype and the first board gradually converge, so far there is no difference between the two. In some places, the prototype is also called the Hand version or the first version. After the continuous development of prototype production technology, the back CNC machining and 3d printing production technology replaced the manual prototype, which not only greatly improved the work efficiency, but also improved the accuracy.

to sum up, the prototype and the hand version are the same meaning, just different names.

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