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iss crew gets new ratchet via email

by:Tuowei     2019-09-07
ISS commander Butch Wilmore lifted the ratchet after removing the ratchet from the printed tray.
Source: there may not be a corner hardware store on the ISS, but that doesn\'t mean astronauts can\'t get what they need.
For the first time, space station staff were able to take advantage of their specially designed zero-
3D printer and design sent from the ground.
The tool is a ratchet designed by California Space Manufacturing, which makes 3D printers in the orbital space lab.
The 3D printer has been used on the space station before, but only for designs that are tested and loaded before leaving Earth.
The company said in a statement on Saturday that this time, the tool was designed and tested on the ground and then emailed to the printer, which in about four hours
\"The Ratchet is designed to be printed with movable parts and there is no supporting material,\" the company said . \".
\"The components and mechanisms of the ratchet must be closed to prevent the components from floating in a weightless environment.
\"A prototype was printed in a lab in California and sent to NASA for security checks, and then the design file was sent to the track printer.
It added that the whole process took less than a week from concept to completion.
In the end, we should be able to print other 3D printers using 3D printing.
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