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It is our duty to keep the drawings of our customers secret

It is our duty to keep the drawings of our customers secret


MAO International co., LTd is a precision processing enterprise in Taiwan. They mainly take orders and send them to the mainland for processing. Because we, the Tuowei Model have a strong marketing team, is divided into two (domestic/export marketing, so the customer is through alibaba to find us, send us an inquiry, receives the inquiry, the customer said they have a home appliance accessories products is coming to the mainland to make rapid prototypes, so immediately invited customer come and see the factory at that time, the customer said he was going to multiple vendors to factory-examining, then only a as the head of their supplier, so if to invite customers to come to be is a great advantage, we why, because our company d model or very confident to satisfy our customers, Because we have not only made 17 years of rapid prototyping services such as handplate model/small batch/low-pressure perfusion and silicone film covering processing in shenzhen, but also provided one-stop service, without external hair, we processed and made surface post-treatment by ourselves.

Then, I was full of confidence sincerely invite customers to come over, the customer finally came over, and then I go to the subway to meet the customer, then came to the company, after take customer to visit the workshop of the company, as well as a brief introduction of our machines and to provide rapid prototyping process services, surface finishing, because our company is to sign a confidentiality agreement with our customer, so take customers see factory at that time, my side also specially to let clients sign a confidentiality agreement and the explanation in advance with the client, the secrecy work and can't take photographs of products in the shop, only making machine and other related content.

Since I know that big companies attach great importance to confidentiality, we have this confidentiality agreement for the Tuowei model. After seeing the factory, the customer was very satisfied, and finally the customer gave us 50% of the parts of the washing machine, the customer said that he could get so much, the customer gave us all the tuowei production, must be after our service and confidentiality work is so good.

In fact, as a professional cnc machining pmma prototype factory with such a small action and such a good platform of our Tuowei, how can we not be better than the peers? So whether in something or friends, family and work, we have done we should do our duty, confidentiality is very important, this is also our company has been emphasized and perform, believe that there will be more and more customers can see our efforts, to make our company to flourish, more and more good!

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