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kanye west employee badly injured at office ... airlifted to hospital

by:Tuowei     2019-08-17
3/24 at 10: 00 a. m. PT--
We were told that the injured employee was a person in his early 20 s who worked for Adidas and was involved in the development of Yeezy shoes at Kanye.
When a large 3D printer falls on his feet, he is helping to move it.
An employee at Kanye West was severely injured in his leg at work and had to be flown to the hospital by air. . .
TMZ has learned.
Sources from the Calabassas Technical Center-
Where\'s the rapper\'s office--tell us . . .
On Friday, the man was carrying a heavy machine that could be used to make Yeezy shoes for Kanye when it fell down and landed on his feet.
We were told that he made a loud scream and was stuck under the device for a few minutes and it took at least 7 people to lift it up and remove his feet.
We were told by law enforcement. . .
After five o\'clock P. M. they replied to the phone call about the incident and confirmed that people were able to lift the machine from that person when they arrived, but his injury was very serious and urgent medical care needed to be flown by air.
The extent of his injury was unclear at this time.
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