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by:Tuowei     2019-09-03
Crowdfunding projects like Kickstarter have become a powerful tool for people who aim to start a business.
It is possible as long as they have an innovative idea, and if people want to, then they have a good opportunity to get the resources they need to build their business.
As the cost of donating to you is minimal, it is not a bad thing to get this huge opportunity to get started.
What is Kickstarter?
From movies, games, music to art, design and technology, Kickstarter is home to everything.
It is full of projects, large and small, which are achieved through direct support from people like us.
Since its launch in 2009, 5.
1 million people have pledged $0. 861 billion to fund 51,000 creative projects.
Thousands of creative projects are currently raising money on Kickstarter.
Bitlock is the world\'s first keyless bike lock for low-cost peersto-
Bike sharing for individuals and communities.
It provides a seamless user experience.
Just go to the front of the bike and press the button on Bitlock to unlock or lock.
Bitlock can sense your proximity and connect to your phone immediately.
You can share the access and location of your bike with others through The Bitlock app by creating a permission group and adding people and bikes to that group.
Sports clothing is a kind of sports shirt that athletes will definitely like to wear.
It changes color according to body temperature and reveals the role of muscles/blood vessels while keeping dry. Key Features:1)
Discoloration technology. Re-
NASA\'s Engineering Technology has changed the way electrons reflect light while the body is warm.
In fact, you can see the personal hot signature of your body (
Even if it fluctuates). Thermal-
The shirt has vision built in.
This allows users to train more strategically. 2)
Heat management.
The radiant shirt keeps your body cool by keeping your body warm away from your body. 3)
Compared to any other clothing on the market today, advanced integrated psychic processes are used to absorb moisture from your body. 4)
Revolutionary fabric
Cotton first, then spandex.
Now with the revolutionary new fabric of Radiate.
This fabric is like silk to the body, but it has support and durability that allows users to perform the most extreme movements.
Resistant to soil andmicrobial. 5)Eco-Friendly.
All materials are sustainable, no harmful chemicals are used, all dyes used are greenfriendly.
GTargTar is an all-digital guitar that can be played easily and quickly by anyone.
It\'s easy to play gTar.
All you have to do is dock your iPhone in the body, load the gTar app, and a series of interactive LEDs along the finger board will show you how to play.
It can also incorporate different sounds into the guitar.
MycestroIt is a 3D mouse that fits your index finger.
It is a small device that allows you to control your computer with gestures and mouse functions.
My headphones are about as big and light as the wireless ones.
It can be charged via USB and can last for eight hours depending on usage. 3Doodler-
The first 3D print pen is a pen that can be painted in the air.
Using abs, etc (
Materials used by many 3D printers)
, 3 Doodler is drawn in the air or on the surface.
It is compact and easy to use.
It does not require software and computers.
When the 3 Doodler is stretched, it will squeeze out the heated plastic and quickly cool and solidify into a solid and stable structure.
This allows you to easily build unlimited variety of shapes and items!
Doodler is a whole new way to create objects and works of art.
Whether you\'re an artist, an amateur or a 3D printing enthusiast.
Pebble WatchPebble watch is customizable.
It has an amazing downloadable watch face and useful Internetconnected apps.
Pebble connects to iPhone and Android smartphones using Bluetooth.
It alerts users to incoming calls, emails, and messages through silent vibration.
Pebbles can be changed immediately due to its excellent outdoor environment
Electronic readablepaper (e-paper)
Displaying and setting it up is as simple as downloading the Pebble app to your phone.
All software updates are wirelessly transferred to your Pebble.
This is a new virtual reality (VR)
Headphones designed for video games.
It provides a very broad view, high
Resolution display and super resolution display
Low Delay head tracking.
The Rift promises a truly immersive experience that allows players to enter their favorite games and explore new worlds.
The Rift will change the way you imagine the game.
The Form 1 3D PrinterForm 1 3D printer is designed to produce high
Solve the part by touching the button and setting the print TIME less and more design time.
Table 1 can print layers as thin as 25 microns (0. 001 in)
As small as 300 microns (0. 012 in)
The volume of the building is 125x165mm (4. 9 x 4. 9 x 6. 5 in).
This means that you can print complex geometry with exquisite details and beautiful surface finish, which will make your work stand out.
Ouya Game play leouya is a TV Game console powered by Android.
You will fall in love with all of Oya
Its quick buttons, triggers and lasers-
Accurate simulation stick. It has a D-
Pad and touchpad for any game from phone or tablet to TV. OUYA\'s world-
The Class controller, console, and interface are beautiful and cheap packages.
All the games above are free and can be tried at least.
NFC rings can be used to unlock doors, mobile phones, to deliver messages and to link people.
Third-party applications are required for this purpose.
Various apps already exist, so you can choose your own app from the Google play store.
It has both public and private sections so you can keep your personal information private as you like.
NFC ring can be used to share WiFi information, website links, contact information or anything you think is appropriate to share with friends.
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