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Knowledge of prototype oxidation of aluminum alloy

by:Tuowei     2019-09-26
2017-09- 01 22: 46

Why is the prototype oxidized?

Generally speaking, if the aluminum alloy prototype is in contact with the air, the oxidation reaction will occur on its surface for a long time, alumina is generated on the prototype surface. It is worth mentioning that natural oxidation will cause the surface of the aluminum alloy prototype to be ugly, so Manual oxidation is needed. When the aluminum alloy prototype is oxidized, the generated alumina is a relatively stable substance and will not react with the oxygen in the air again, so it can maintain this color for a long time. Therefore, there are two main purposes of oxidation of aluminum alloy prototype: one is to prevent corrosion of the prototype surface, and the other is to improve the aesthetics of the prototype.

what prototypes of materials can be oxidized?

under normal circumstances, stainless steel and copper cannot be oxidized, only aluminum alloy can be oxidized, but different aluminum alloy materials, their oxidation effects are also different, such as the oxidation effect of aluminum alloy 7075 is not good, because its composition contains copper, and aluminum alloy usually starts with 5 and 6 can be oxidized, aluminum Alloy 6061-The oxidation effect of T6 is good.

aluminum alloy prototype oxidation effect diagram

problems that need attention in the oxidation of aluminum alloy prototype?

1. Sand blasting is usually required before oxidation, otherwise it will affect the aesthetics of the aluminum alloy prototype; Similarly, if the surface of the aluminum alloy prototype is high-gloss, it is the oxidation effect of the high-gloss.

2, if the aluminum alloy prototype you are going to do is natural color, just polish it smooth and then sand blasting.

3. The oxidation of general aluminum alloy prototypes is a single color. If you need two-color oxidation, it needs to be oxidized many times, this cost will be much more expensive than monochrome oxidation. 4. The prototype of aluminum alloy cannot be oxidized to white.

above is the relevant knowledge of the oxidation of aluminum alloy prototype, hoping to give you a further understanding of the oxidation of aluminum alloy prototype.

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