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Kunshan prototype model, 55 CNC machining machines for you

by:Tuowei     2019-09-26
2018-11- 10 22: 04

Hello everyone, in many prototyping vendors, there will always be one or two because of equipment problems. Or professional and technical aspects. Can not meet the requirements provided by the customer. Like a Kunshan prototype model a few days ago, customers want to find a cheap prototype factory to do things. The result was really found and cooperation was soon reached.

but after receiving the product prototype, the customer was disappointed. The prototypes made are deformed and cannot be used. The cost of R & D is a big loss. And it's a waste of time. It's really worth it. So this Kunshan prototype model, the customer is trying to find our reputation. It's a very good 17-year regular company to help him make it.

after finding the previous problem, we used the new five-axis processing machine. To make, the five-axis machine can process the results that can not be formed by a variety of three-axis machines. The molding problem was solved very well, and it was also because the small factory machine was backward. After the customer saw us so professional. I was relieved. Thank you very much for helping him solve the problem.

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