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Machined parts Manufacturing Services at Tuowei Prototype

Machined parts Manufacturing Services at Tuowei Prototype


Machined Parts Definition

Machined parts are items we use on a daily bases. Actually, we depend on them. They range from simple to complicated designs, used as either spare parts or tooling surfaces. Therefore, you need custom machined parts to be factory-made which is quick, cheap, and with proper technique.

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CNC Machined Parts

CNC machined parts are those manufactured by CNC machining technique. Machined parts are able to choose nearly all types of manufacturing materials with the CNC machining. Dozens of plastics and metal materials can be applied in CNC machining processing, and that is the superiority that other processing methods could not obtain.

Machined Parts Manufacturers

With so many machined parts manufacturers available to select from nowadays, finding a reliable manufacturer can be a quite difficult task.  Tuowei would be one of the machined parts manufacturers that you should choose. We provide you with the precision and accuracy of your needs. Industries like aerospace, medical, and defense rely on precision mainly and often demand the tightest of tolerances for the CNC machined parts.  

Machined parts Manufacturing Service in Tuowei

The best way to find out is to submit a 3D CAD model and get a TW Quote interactive quote. Because we use proprietary software and automated fixturing processes, there are no upfront non-recurring engineering (NRE) costs. This makes purchasing quantities as low as 1 to 200 parts cost-effective. Prices compared to 3D printing are comparable to somewhat higher, but CNC machining offers improved material properties and surfaces.

In Tuowei, our quotation process is standardized. Our project team will give you the quotation immediately after we get detailed information about customers' requirements. In other words, we can offer you a fast, professional machined parts manufacturing service and preferential price. Our prices of machined parts manufacturing will be based on the raw material/machining time/ surface finish/and structure/size and so on.


Please look at the sample we did for your reference.


Take this robot, for example, the value of this robot is about USD 3000 /one sets and this surface finish is painting normal black color and then paint UV on the outside surface.

This is made by PMMA and ABS material, it is very strong and good ability material. It is suitable for medical and robot products.

If you have any needs for these types of products, please feel free to contact us and also can contact us through our website at TUOWEI.

Looking forward to our cooperation!

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