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Major issues facing the prototype model industry-Fast and efficient production

by:Tuowei     2019-09-18
2014-07- 10 08:52

major issues facing the prototype model industry- At present, with the improvement of product development level, rapid and efficient production puts forward higher requirements for prototype model enterprises: prototype model production has a wider range, the assembly of complete assembly model requires higher requirements for the accuracy of the model; Subsequent processing requirements such as spraying and gold loading put forward higher requirements for the surface quality of the prototype model; The product development cycle is short, and the time left to the prototype model production enterprise is shorter. Many enterprises expect to get the product model immediately without cost. The production time of the general complete model is two days, including numerical control programming, CNC machining, model surface treatment, etc. The time is very tight. At present, prototype model production enterprises can only make up for the shortage of production efficiency by increasing equipment and outsourcing and producing various parts of a set of models. Not only is the investment large, but generally small and medium-sized enterprises have no ability, and not necessarily effective for complex parts. Therefore, how to complete the model production quickly and efficiently in the fierce market competition is a major issue for all prototype model manufacturers. From: Shenzhen prototype model http://www . Sztuowei. Com/

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