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Make a plastic prototype-Providing a list provides efficiency

by:Tuowei     2019-09-15
2019-02- 14 11: 56

when making a plastic prototype, in addition to preparing a 3d drawing, a list needs to be made, unless the plastic prototype you have to do is relatively simple and you can not use the list, it will become very troublesome when you quote. The list needs to explain the materials, processing methods, quantity and some surface treatment processes. Here is a chestnut to explain why it is very troublesome to quote without the list.

few months ago, Mr. Zhang in Dongguan searched'Which is good for making plastic prototypes' I found the extension model and found that the scale and strength are quite in line with his appetite, so I contacted the online customer service on the right side of the page. After the customer service Xiao Zhu wanted to contact him, he transferred it to the business Yellow worker.

Huang Gong added the customer WeChat and the customer sent him the drawings, without a list, he gave the parts to the quotation according to the drawings, and then took screenshots of these parts to the customer to ask the customer what materials to do and what processing methods to do, what kind of surface effect. Mr. Zhang replied that Huang Gong Yuan was made of silicone, requiring high transparency, and then the customer told him the requirements of other plastic prototypes. Huang Gong asked the customer if he had a color card number. The customer told him the color number and Huang Gong sent the quotation to the customer. The customer asked him about the delivery, and he told the customer that the delivery date was based on the delivery date on the quotation.

Imagine, if Mr. Zhang gave Huang UNIDO drawings, if he provided a detailed list, there would not be so many questions to ask one by one when making quotations. Therefore, when making a plastic prototype, if you provide a list, you can greatly provide the efficiency of the quotation, thus saving unnecessary time.

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