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Make a prototype model-17 years custom experience

by:Tuowei     2019-09-13
2019-03- 10 17: 12

when a general enterprise develops a new product, it will first find a prototype factory to cooperate in mass production of the prototype model to detect the product. Verify the appearance, structure, and size of the product. The production of prototypes, with fast cycle and low cost, can greatly reduce the R & D cost, time and risk of products. When some enterprises develop large-scale products, they will require the prototype manufacturer to process the whole piece, but if the removal process is not very firm, it will be spliced together by sticking glue, in this way, large processing equipment is needed to be made.

but very few small manufacturers that generally make prototype models have such a large size processing equipment, this requires a large-scale manufacturer. Shenzhen tuowei model introduced a large-scale cnc processing equipment in 2016, and the processing stroke can reach 2000X1300X600; The prototype with a length of nearly 2 m is processed as a whole. Of course, although the whole process is very good, the employees of the extension model can also be disassembled and processed, and there is no difference from the CNC equipment.

In the first two months, there is a Miss Li who needs to make a large prototype model to find tuowei company. She read the information of many prototype factories on the Internet and learned more about the strength of tuowei company. After the qualification, she came to tuowei company. After sitting down for a long talk, he knew that the lady had cooperated with a prototype factory, but there were some minor problems inside the prototype factory, this time, Miss Li's large prototype of the company's cooperation was very different from Miss Li's intention. So she plans to work with a prototype factory again. She came after seeing other people's overall strength evaluation of the company. After understanding Miss Li's problem in detail, Miss Li was invited by Duan Gong to visit the workshop and explained the production process again. Miss Li is very happy. So I made the order, paid the full amount very readily, and sent the drawings.

The Engineer and the engineer discussed in detail the plan to make a large prototype model, after the discussion, the employees began to operate. After several days of fighting, Miss Li's task was completed. After Duan UNIDO's photo was given to Miss Li, Miss Li was very happy and said that the next time she would like to cooperate with tuowei, the products made by tuowei, whether in appearance or quality, really did not have to say.

If you want to make a large prototype model, it is a good choice to select the extension model, with 55 cnc machining equipment, 17 years experience in prototyping, more than 100 employees, and older employees who have worked for more than a few years. If you have the idea of cooperation, please contact the customer service on the right, and there will be a special person to serve you!

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