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Make a prototype model-Accuracy can reach positive and negative 0. 02mm

by:Tuowei     2019-09-16
2019-03- 12 08:57

In Last October, a customer from Shenzhen consulted the extension model when looking for a prototype model factory online, their company often develops some new products. This time, a product needs to make a prototype model, which has certain requirements for accuracy.

after some communication with the customer, it was also done in other prototype model factories before, however, the accuracy of the prototype model can not meet the requirements. 0. 03mm, the higher the accuracy, the more accurate the verification results of the product, so it is necessary to change another prototype factory to cooperate.

According to the 3D drawings and production requirements provided by the customer, the project manager of the extension model and the technical director of the United States personally guide, provide customers with a detailed prototype processing scheme with accuracy of ±0. 02mm, five-axis machining.

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