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Make a prototype model-Choose which one is good

by:Tuowei     2019-09-12
2019-03- 05 17: 57

Today, the business volume of suppliers is not very optimistic when making prototype models. However, tuowei model has been focusing on high-quality model production for 17 years, and customers are happy to choose tuowei for cooperation. Mutual benefit and win-win situation also often introduces friends to cooperate, which makes today's scale very grateful to customers.

now as the small factory falls down more and more, customers will also look for a new prototype model on the network, the supplier hereby expands the model to better help the new customers to make cooperative decisions. From now on, we will provide free three-dimensional precision detection opportunities. You can bring your products to visit the tuowei factory for accuracy inspection.

or you have a prototype model made in other peers, you can also send it at your own expense to provide your relevant data report after completing the inspection. You can contact the official website staff to provide you with the required services online 24 hours a day. 55 CNC machining equipment and hundreds of processing teams look forward to your good news.

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