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Make a prototype model-Find a regular manufacturer

by:Tuowei     2019-09-16
2019-03- 11 08:01

thanks to the support and trust of our customers for 17 years, we hereby offer free three-dimensional precision detection services this month. You need to make a prototype model, complete the production and send it to the QC room without additional charges, and provide you with a three-dimensional inspection report. This kind of equipment is difficult to buy in small factories.

all are regular manufacturers or companies specializing in precision testing. It is a very good thing that you can get this professional service free of charge recently. If there is no new product design recently, it can be sent to the extension model through logistics at its own expense. Of course, as a formal and successful prototype model, the company has more help.

such as CTO in the United States to help you check whether the 3D drawing structure is easy to process, and the improvement plan can also provide customers with better color selection experience for 20 years. There are also five-axis processing equipment for fast and high-precision processing. The efficiency is fast and the accuracy is guaranteed. The prototype model is made. If you want to know more advantages, you are welcome to call and consult the extension model staff.

At the same time, as the recent research of Tuowei shows, the benefits of improved productivity and firm performance can make implementing basic management practices worth it.
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