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Make a transparent prototype model, how to choose a manufacturer

by:Tuowei     2019-09-15
2017-09- 05 17: 32

under normal circumstances, customers who want to make prototypes of high-end atmospheric grades will choose transparent materials to do so. At present, there are many manufacturers who can make transparent prototypes, but there are not many powerful ones. So when looking for a prototype manufacturer, how to choose?

1. First of all, it is important to see how many years of experience a prototype manufacturer has, newly established prototype factory and a prototype factory that has been working for more than ten years can't be compared with accuracy. Fools can tell which is good or bad.

2. Secondly, it depends on how many transparent prototype models the prototype manufacturer has done. Generally speaking, the more transparent prototypes are made, the richer the accumulated experience, and the more mature the technology is, so that the quality of the prototype will be guaranteed.

3. We also need to find a prototype manufacturer with punctual delivery. An important purpose of prototyping is to participate in the exhibition, the time of the exhibition is limited. It is necessary to receive the prototype before the exhibition starts. If possible, it is better to receive the goods a few days in advance, there is plenty of time to prepare.

Tuwei model has been engaged in prototyping for 16 years, has rich experience in prototyping, and has 55 large CNC machining centers, more than 160 employees can deliver within the time specified by the customer. The following figure is two transparent prototypes made by the extension model.

If you need to find a transparency with good quality, on-time delivery prototype manufacturers, the extension model is a good choice.

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