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Make prototypes and choose a prototype supplier with strict secrecy

by:Tuowei     2019-09-13
2018-08- 06 16: 55

most enterprises need to make prototypes when developing products, mainly to detect whether the design of products is reasonable, so we need to find a prototype supplier. For newly developed products, customers attach great importance to the issue of secrecy. No one wants to copy the products they have worked hard to develop by others, therefore, it is very important to find a confidential and strict prototype factory to make the prototype.

at present, most prototype suppliers are communicating with customers, usually, no confidential agreement is signed, so many customers will be leaked when they are still making prototypes; Or just finished the prototype, before I could attend the exhibition, the relevant pictures of the prototype appeared on the Internet, resulting in competitors coming back and forth.

when the extension model is making a prototype for the customer, will take the initiative to sign a confidential agreement with the customer, and at the same time, the company's computer is also in accordance with the confidential software. It needs to be authorized by the general manager to decrypt it. Even if it is copied out, opening the file is garbled, the main purpose is to ensure the research and development results of customers.

If you need to make a prototype, it is advisable to choose a prototype supplier such as the extension model, which not only signs a confidential agreement, but also installs confidential software, which can strictly protect the intellectual property rights of customers.

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