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make your own computer: world\'s first 3d-printed laptop

by:Tuowei     2019-08-26
For anyone who spends hours calling the tech support hotline, this is an ideal Christmas gift: a computer that you can make and repair yourself.
The world\'s first 3D
Printed laptops are already on sale and anyone can print their own devices in the living room for half the price of some traditional-made competitors.
Laptop called Pi
Top, not officially launched until next May, but has already received a pre-76,000
Orders within two weeks are mainly based on word of mouth.
The customer must already have a 3D printer that costs only £ 215 and is the size of a large coffee machine. The Pi-
The £ 180 top package includes a template that \"prints\" the case of the laptop by melting about a sheet of paper-thick thin plastic rolls and putting them together.
The package also contains a screen and a \"Raspberry Pi\"-a desktop tower the size of a credit card-that is slotted into the shell to form the final laptop.
Apple has launched a tool to prevent the loss of imessage 3D printing bionic hand, which is \"like the global 3D printing market\" for $4.
2018 \'3D-8bn
Print hearts and help trainee surgeon Pi-
Top has all the features of a normal laptop, but its inventors want to teach kids to understand the computer better by learning how to disassemble and reassemble it.
It can be customized in any color or even reliefs the owner\'s name on the shell.
This is the idea of Ryan Dunwoody, 23. year-
A graduate of engineering science at old Oxford University, Jesse Lozano, 27, a former Milfield school student and law graduate, uses the Internet to teach himself computer coding.
\"With the laptop, you can understand how the screen works, not just the device that uses it as your input,\" says Mr dunwoody, \"how the battery is charged, and how it switches between the battery and the power supply. \".
\"If something is broken, you can fix it immediately.
Many parents are buying it for their children because they think it\'s a very good way for them to start understanding the technology behind the devices they use every day.
Jesse Lozano and Ryan Dunwoody take their Pi with themTop (DAVID ROSE)
Lozano said,
Top is \"a product designed to teach you how to make other products by learning hardware experiments \".
He hoped that the school would use them to teach computing courses and had received orders from educational institutions.
The two, first through a plan known by entrepreneurs to pay a four-month allowance to computer science and engineering graduates, and then invest 10,000 to encourage them to set up their own company, instead of joining a bank or law firm.
The company created by former students in the first two years of the program now has a total value of £ 100 million.
Other successful ideas it generates include a drone that analyzes the health of the vineyard, a complex search engine for scientific journals, and a website that allows charities to hold online auctions, to raise the highest price of prizes, such as dinner with celebrities. The Pi-
Top can be purchased on crowdfunding site Indiegogo, which enables thousands of people to pledge seed capital to a new idea rather than relying on loans.
Its creators acknowledge that their laptops attract \"geek students \".
In fact, they sold a sticker on one computer to cover up the logo saying, \"my other laptop is 3D --printed”.
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