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Makerbot Digitizer: Desktop 3D scanner goes on sale

by:Tuowei     2019-09-09
Desktop devices that can quickly scan objects for copying objects using 3D printers are already on the market.
Makerbot Digitizer, which costs $1,400 (£900)
, Will be shipped to the first batch of buyers in October.
When it was sold on Thursday night, the demand for the machine seemed to overload the company\'s stores.
Digitizer is the latest product that hopes to bring 3D printing to mainstream technology users --
But experts are skeptical.
The machine is designed to allow copying of objects without the need for users to learn any 3D modeling software or any other special expertise.
It works by pointing several lasers at the object and detecting the surface profile.
It also allows users to upload their 3D designs directly to Thingiverse, a website that can share 3D designs.
The time required to scan the object varies, but it is said that a demo involving a small gnome will take about 12 minutes.
\"The MakerBot Digitizer is for early adopters, experimenters and far-sighted who want to be pioneers in desktop 3D scanning,\" the company said . \".
\"This includes but is not limited to architects, designers, creative enthusiasts, educators and artists.
However, Makerbot has made it clear that the scanner is not suitable for complex designs and users should not have \"too many\" expectations of the machine.
The FAQ page for the machine reads: \"Expectations should be realistic . \".
\"For example, you won\'t be able to scan the burger and then eat the digital design.
\"It adds that objects that are shiny, reflective and blurry are not suitable for scanning.
While the industry hopes 3D printing will be very popular in the near future, others see home 3D printing as a gimmick.
\"The phenomenon has become the so-produced in the frenzy of complete insanity and reality-
Citron Research, an influential investment analyst, warned that the stock was called \"3d Printing.
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