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Making plastic prototype model

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2019-06- 20 08:01

Hello everyone, you may often see a lot of plastic model samples in your daily life. The appearance design used to display the product is very beautiful, so how to complete the plastic prototype model of a product? Today, Xiaobian will introduce the process of processing, hoping to help you better understand the industry.

The plastic prototype model of a product is made and divided into structural plates and appearance plates. As the name implies, the former can be assembled into a functional product to sell. The latter is not structured just with the appearance of the product, usually used for exhibition. According to the customer's 3D drawings, there are many processes for the appearance.

The molding method is that the raw materials are processed through CNC and further improved by manual post-processing. Painting and coloring are handed over to colleagues in the QC room to see if they are qualified. After a series of regular processes are completed, the salesman in charge of the project is manually packaged. Contact SF logistics to send to customers. This is the production of a plastic prototype model.

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