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man\'s face reconstructed with 3d printer after motorcycle accident

by:Tuowei     2019-08-16
When Jody Mou called to try to find a volunteer place at the Toronto biochemical engineering lab, she never thought that her project would give her a chance to compete for number one in Canada --
Fierce competition.
After all, 17-year-
Old high school students at the University of Toronto school really love biology until a few years ago.
The MOU told the Toronto CBC that \"before I discovered biology, I was very, very sure that I wanted to be an architect in grade 10 . \".
\"It will never be too late,\" she thought, however . \".
Now, less than a year after she first picked up the phone, the MOU won a regional biotechnology science fair for her work in the lab and later this week, travel to the SanofiBiogeniusCanada final in Ottawa.
What is her project?
This seems to be the opposite.
But Alison mcguigen, a professor at the University of Toronto, said she assigned a \"highest\" task to the MOUrisk.
Mai Guigen heard that high school students like to do things, so she came up with what she thought was a perfect project for her new volunteers, and matched with her own philosophy of working with high school and college students, that is, \"there is nothing to do
She decided to let high school students think \"creatively\" and do a three-
model of the size of tumors with uniform distribution of multiple cells.
The challenge is to make sure they don\'t dry in millimeters.
3D bioprinter after wide strip.
Scientists usually use two kinds in the laboratory.
The three-dimensional petri dish allows cells to grow on both axes, lateral rather than upward, McGugan said.
Rolling cell strips, however, allow them to grow in all directions and provide them with more oxygen.
Dr candidate Darren Rodenhizer has been crafting those rolling type single cell tumor models since 2015.
The process is clumsy to replicate and inefficient.
\"The problem is that they are manual --
So there\'s some inconsistency and we need high throughput to test the drug, \"says Rodenhizer. An \'out-
McGugan said the MOU team\'s goal is to develop engineered tumors that better replicate the real tumor environment.
This is a project mentioned in the MOU. there.
\"But she knows one or two things about 3D printing, and she has been familiar with the process for a short time working with a private company.
The process of producing somatic cells using 3D printers-
Medical testing in particular-isn\'t new.
But while several prototypes are needed, the Mou came up with a new manufacturing process by reprogramming the bio-printer with unique computer code and designing a new petri dish.
The person in charge of the lab said the MoU does not need to know about healthcare or oncology to create a model with a 3D printer.
\"Jody\'s manufacturing method can be used to create other 3D cell structures for regenerative medicine research, because this technology is not limited to the assembly of tumors,\" McGugan said, adding to this process \"means we\'re really moving towards the masses --
Produce these systems so that we can really start our drug screening efforts.
\"Don\'t be afraid to try something new,\" she added. One of the most meaningful aspects of a project like this is that it allows young students to participate in research, \"rather than waiting for the start of a third or fourth year university.
The memorandum of understanding said she would receive a full scholarship in September to study biomedical engineering at John Hopkins University in Baltimore.
She has suggestions for her peers trying to find something they like.
\"Choose one thing and do it well.
But at the same time, don\'t be afraid to try something new if you don\'t like it. \"
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