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Manufacturers who make appearance prototypes and structural prototypes are very cow force

by:Tuowei     2019-09-11
2017-11- 04 11: 46

How to choose Shenzhen Fuyong prototype customization manufacturer? You can search Baidu. 'Extension model'Basically, word of mouth is surprisingly good. The reason why the extension model will be recognized by the majority of customers depends on the use of materials and the quality and brand to impress customers.

what kind of prototype is good at the exhibition?

an important role in prototyping is to participate in the exhibition and show the prototype to the customer. Of course, the appearance should be beautiful. Now society is an eye Economy. Only good-looking products attract the attention of customers, and the prototype is no exception. A prototype with a nice look can enhance the company's brand image to get more orders. To do this, the fuel injection of the prototype is very important. The extension model knows this well, so it not only hired the us cto as the technical director, but also set up a dust-free workshop, so that the prototype is injected, not only the appearance is exquisite, but also the surface is spotless, and the injection effect is far more than that of the peers.

what kind of prototype is good for developing new products?

if an enterprise wants to develop a new product, it focuses on whether the size of the product is correct and the structure is reasonable, therefore, the appearance of the prototype is not so important, but it will pay more attention to the accuracy of the prototype, so that the results will be accurate when testing. The company uses Japanese imported brother machines for processing, and the accuracy can reach 0 when making the prototype. 05mm, while the peers are generally only 0. About 1mm.

The extension dimension model has been engaged in prototyping for 16 years, with excellent technology, it has been recognized by customers in terms of appearance prototype and structure prototype.

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