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Manufacturing prototype-1-to-1 guidance from US technical director

by:Tuowei     2019-09-14
2019-06- 26 08: 00

most enterprises need to make prototypes according to product drawings to see the effect when developing a new product, in order to test whether the design of the product is feasible, it is a key link in the process of developing the product.

If the prototype has not been manufactured, the mold will be directly opened for production, once there is a problem with the design of product drawings, it is likely that the mold will be scrapped, causing great cost losses to the enterprise. Everyone knows that the price of opening a set of molds is not cheap.

If you need to make a prototype, you can choose a dimension model, have 18 years of prototype processing experience, and introduce fuel injection technology in the United States, there is also 1-to-1 guidance from the US technical director, which is of high quality and low return rate.

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